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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Calming the storm. Schoolwork, seven - Ellie

L.O. To explore the miracle of Jesus calming the storm
To consider the meaning of the story for christians
Ellie XXX

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Miracles. Schoolwork, six - Ellie

  • Tun understand what a miracle is 
  • To examine some of the miracles performed by Jesus
A miracle is a wonderful act beyond normal human powers
In other words it is a wonder; marvel

  1. Healed the sick

2. Raised people form the dead

3. Cast out demons
4. Showed his power over things

Jesus the leader. Schoolwork, five - Ellie

  • Explore what you already know about Jesus
  • Reflect on why Jesus is important to christians

  • He came back to life
  • He is the son of God
  • He can walk on water
  • He can heal
  • He can perform miracles
  • He is the son of Mary, Joseph was Mary's husband
  • He had facial hair and long hair
  • His family was poor
  • He worked in a carpenter shop till he was thirty
  • He was nailed to a cross
  • He died when he was thirty three
  • He was buried in a borrowed grave
(if you have any more please comment below!)

Ellie x

Leadership. Schoolwork, four - Ellie

Objectives: Consider what qualities make a good leader. Reflect on leaders in your own life

  • Buddha
  • Jesus
  • Hitler
  • Winston Churchill
  • Teachers
  • Mum
  • Dad
  • David Cameron
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • Friends

Beginnings: Evolution. Schoolwork, three - Ellie

Yin and Yang

Balance is where there is half of one thing and half of another: i.e. light and and dark. There is an amount that you get if each. Balance can also mean a balance of your body, where you have to balance on one foot for example.

Aims: To know what is meant by evolution
To consider the scientific view of the world's beginnings and to understand different view points.

Balance is important because if you only have one and not the other, there isn't necessarily  a point in having any of that thing at all. Balance of the body is important because otherwise we may not be able to stand or walk.

Evolution is the scientific idea that all living things have developed and adapted over millions of years, after the universe, including the world, started with a big bang.

How the world began: Different viewpoints

  • A scientist would say that there was a big bang
  • A believer in god would say that God created the world in seven days: the sun, the humans, plants etc
  • A scientist who believes in God might say that there was a big bang created by God and God created evolution
What is the meaning of organisms adapting to their environment?
The meaning of organisms adapting to their environment is that they change depending on where they live, like mountain hares for example - their fur turns white in winter and brown in the summer.

Do you believe that humans or just animals or are we something more?
I do believe that humans are only animals because we come from apes, which are animals and just because we are smarter, it doesn't mean we are more important or entirely different. We are like insects, when you are young you don't think that they are animals, but really they are very small animals with lots of legs and we are just smarter animals. Teacher's comment: Interesting point

Choose an animal - how is it adapted to it's environment?
A deer is adapted to it's environment because it is different shades of brown, like the woody areas in rural places that they live. They can run away fast from dogs and other threats like foxes and farmer's guns. 

Choose a plant or flower - how is it adapted to it's environment?
Flowers like tulips and sunflowers are adapted to their environment in many different ways. Their petals spread out in warm daylight and absorb the sun and the rain through their roots and leaves. The bright colours attract bees which collect the pollen from the flowers and pass it around.

Teacher's comments: An absolute pleasure reading through your work Ellie - a thorough start to the year, really well done!

Ellie X

How was the universe created? Schoolwork, two - Ellie


L.O. Know the sequence of the events in the Christian religion
Reflect on the symbolic meaning within the christian creation story

The bible is comprised of two main sections: The Old Testament and The New Testament. The Old Testament includes the jewish law and contains five books . The New Testament includes the life of Jesus and His disciples, and contains twenty seven books.

Does God Exist? - schoolwork, one - Ellie

L.O. To consider your own ideas about God
Reflect on other people's views about God

Someone who doesn't believe in God

Someone who isn't sure if there is a God

Someone who does believe in God

In my class there were 3 atheists, 16 agnostics and 4 theists. This doesn't surprise me because usually people don't know if they believe in God and very little usually do know. I am a thiest.

Teacher's comments: Well-remembered. Good note-taking

By Ellie